Code: ECEBM-2

Prerequisite: ECEBM-1

Title: Systematic reviews and Meta-analysis

  1. of Healthcare interventions
  2. of Diagnostic test accuracy

Trainees will learn cutting-edge methods of research synthesis. Trainees will acquire the skills to design, conduct and report systematic reviews. Modules include how to:

  1. Develop question
  2. Plan methods
  3. Write protocol
  4. Develop search
  5. Run search
  6. Select studies
  7. Collect data
  8. Assess risk of bias
  9. Analyze data
  10. Interpret results and draw conclusions

Code: ECEBM-3

Prerequisite: ECEBM-1 and -2

Title: GRADE

This module covers the skills of using GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation). We will introduce the basic skills of using GRADE pro GDT.