Preterm birth: new WHO guidance for saving lives

The WHO recommendations on interventions to improve preterm birth outcomes will be useful for people working across the health sector, from health-care workers who directly provide care to pregnant women and preterm infants, to health-care policy makers and programmers, as well as those working on the development of job aids and training tools for health-care workers.


Clinical Practice Guidelines

Guidelines are designed to support the decision-making processes in patient care . The content of a guideline is based on a systematic review of clinical evidence - the main source for evidence-based care. Purposes of guidelines To describe appropriate care based on the best available scientific evidence and broad consensus; To reduce inappropriate variation in practice; … Continue reading Clinical Practice Guidelines


GuiDe (Guideline Development) is our HERU new project.  To achieve a balanced view when formulating recommendations a multidisciplinary panel with broad representation including clinicians, pharmacists,  patient representatives and experienced guideline developers will be assembled and proper group processes for reaching consensus on recommendations will be followed.