Reproducibility Crisis and Trusted Evidence

Reproducibility crisis attracted serious attention in the scientific arena over the last two decades, as disappointing results emerged from large scale reproducibility projects in various medical, life and behavioral sciences. In 2016, a poll conducted by the journal Nature reported that more than half (52%) of scientists surveyed believed science was facing a reproducibility or … Continue reading Reproducibility Crisis and Trusted Evidence


Evidence: beyond the numbers

Enormous amount of research evidence floods healthcare givers, policy makers and consumers. Users of research evidence may find difficulty in terms of time, skills and resources to keep up with the daily addition of information. Healthcare providers need to find trustworthy research evidence to guide their daily clinical decisions. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses respond to … Continue reading Evidence: beyond the numbers

ECEBM, a GESI member

We are pleased to announce that the Egyptian Center for Evidence Based Medicine (ECEBM), is now a member of the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) Network. Top-tier evidence-synthesis centers from LMIC form the GESI Network. The Network enhances the collaboration between these centers and forms a bridge to share knowledge and experience. The GESI Consortium … Continue reading ECEBM, a GESI member