P value has no value, What should we do instead?

In the post p<0.05 era, scientific argumentation is not based on whether a p-value is small enough or not. Attention is paid to effect sizes and confidence intervals. Evidence is thought of as being continuous rather than some sort of dichotomy

Tip of the Day: Measurement scales

Measurement scales can be classified according to the types of operation they allow to be undertaken. There are four types of measurement scale: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. These scales are mentioned in a particular order, such that each scale type includes all the properties and characteristics of the preceding ones. Nominal scales are thus … Continue reading Tip of the Day: Measurement scales

Outcomes Research

The workshop will cover Concept Development Process and Experimental Design Process. The workshop will provide each trainee with an opportunity to formulate a research question, develop the research hypothesis, and determine the appropriate research methods.  Tutor: Prof. Ashraf Fawzy Nabhan Date: Sunday 9 - September - 2012 Venue: Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University Session 1: … Continue reading Outcomes Research