Decision: “REJECT”

Top 20 Reasons why referees and editors Reject medical research manuscripts

  1. Statistics: inappropriate, incomplete, or insufficiently described, etc.
  2. Over interpretation of the results
  3. Inappropriate, suboptimal, insufficiently described methods
  4. Sample too small or biased
  5. Text difficult to follow, to understand
  6. Insufficient or incomplete problem statement
  7. Inaccurate or inconsistent data reported
  8. Inadequate, incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated review of the literature
  9. Insufficient data presented
  10. Defective tables or figures
  11. Scores insufficiently reliable or unknown reliability
  12. Unimportant or irrelevant topic
  13. Intervention (independent variable) insufficiently described or confusing
  14. Subjects insufficiently described
  15. Lack of conceptual or theoretical framework
  16. Under interpretation of results; ignoring results
  17. Potential confounding variables not addressed
  18. Incomplete, insufficient information in abstract
  19. Title not representative of the study
  20. Sampling method inappropriate or insufficiently described

This is why we need a series of training days to be able to prepare a flawless manuscript.