Clinical Trials

The aim of this course is to develop a robust, expanding base of well-trained clinical researchers by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to design, conduct, and report better clinical trials.

Mentor: Prof. Ashraf Nabhan

Coordinator: Dr. Noha Husssein

The course is organized by: Ain Shams Faculty of Dentistry (ASFD)

Who should apply for this course?

The course is relevant to all those who want to gain understanding of the rigorous evaluation of interventions in health care, including clinicians and other health care workers, research managers, and other scientists with an interest in clinical trials.

Course outline

The course provides a clear understanding of the essentials of Clinical Trials, particularly randomized clinical trials phase II and Ill. Sessions cover the key issues to be considered in design, conduct, and reporting.

  1. Concept Development
  2. Experimental Design
  3. Statistical Inference
  4. Dissemination and Reporting


Venue: Ain Shams Faculty of Dentistry.

Dates: 14, 21, and 28 December 2014. Sessions run from 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM

For further info: Please contact Dr Noha Hussein (