Evidence Synthesis, Dec 2015

Title: Evidence Synthesis: A Systematic Approach to Literature Review 

Date: 3-4 December 2015

Venue: The Training & Education Enhancement Center, Ain Shams University Hospitals

Topics include:

  1. Define the research question to inform the scope of the review
  2. Plan the methods
    1. Setting eligibility criteria for including studies in the review
    2. Selecting outcomes to be addressed for studies included in the review
  3. Search for studies
  4. Select eligible studies
  5. Collect data
  6. Assess the risk of bias in included studies
  7. Practical session: Literature search, screening studies, data extraction, risk of bias assessment
  8. Conduct meta-analysis
  9. Summarize the findings and make conclusions
  10. Write the full review

Mentor: Prof. Ashraf Nabhan (Associate Editor of Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth)

Facilitators: Dr. Marwah Anas El Wegoud, Dr. Ahmed Alaa, Dr. Khalid Shalaby

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