Mission Possible: A Valid Diagnostic Research


Background: In current medical practice, new diagnostic tests are developed and introduced at a fast rate. A rigorous evaluation of diagnostic tests before introduction into clinical practice is imperative. Several potential threats to the internal and external validity of a study on diagnostic accuracy exist. As in any other type of research, flaws in study design can lead to biased results. Exaggerated and biased results from poorly designed and reported diagnostic studies can trigger their premature dissemination and lead physicians into making incorrect treatment decisions. This plenary session presentation will focus on the specific kinds of questions that arise in diagnostic research and the study architectures (the conversions of these clinical questions into appropriate research designs) used to answer them.

Keynote Speaker Prof. Ashraf Nabhan

Event: The  26th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Society of Laboratory Medicine

Date and time: Monday April 20, 2015 – 10:15 AM to 10:45 AM (Plenary Session)

Venue: Cairo International Convention Center, Cairo, Egypt