Critical Appraisal Workshop, 17

Title: Critical Appraisal of Clinical Trials

Date: Friday, August 25, 2017

Discipline: Medicine

Attendees: restricted to Faculty. Ain Shams University and Cairo University. The workshop is FULLY subscribed

Venue: Marriott, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.

Sponsors: Novartis Research Academy in collaboration with The Egyptian Center for Evidence Based Medicine

Chair: Prof. Ashraf Nabhan

  • Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ain Shams University
  • Director of the Egyptian Center for Evidence Based Medicine
  • Co-chair of the HRP Alliance for Strengthening Research Capacity, WHO
  • Associate Editor of Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth

Co-Chair: Dr. Marwah Anas El Wegoud

  • Deputy Director of the Egyptian Center for Evidence Based Medicine
  • Author and Referee at Cochrane Oral Health Group

Facilitator: Abdel Rahman El-Tohamy (Extended Modular Program, Ain Shams University)

Educational aim: The main educational aim of these programs is to offer a challenging, flexible scheme of study invigorated by research, which advances clinicians’ ability to develop academic and practical insights into the use of clinical trials. Clinicians will be encouraged to develop a range of transferable and subject specific expertise using their initiative and thinking out problems themselves. This workshop will enable Faculty to evaluate the validity and make sense of RCTs. By the end of the workshop, attendees will:

  1. Understand why randomized controlled trials produce the most reliable evidence for questions about effectiveness
  2. Identify the essential elements of randomized controlled trials
  3. Critically appraise a randomized controlled trial

This workshop has three sections:

  1. the essential elements of RCTs and how to critically appraise an RCT
  2. Small group work (a published trial protocol and a published trial report)
  3. Feedback session to discuss the findings of each group

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