Clinical Research From A to Z

Our upcoming winter camp meets the increasing need for highly qualified clinicians-scientists and those participating in patient-oriented, outcomes, or implementation research. “Clinical Research From A to Z” will cover a broad array of educational opportunities to meet the diverse needs of trainees. The five modules will cover the essential of medical research from conception to delivery.

Registration is NOW Open. Please contact Mrs Nour via text message/WhatsApp Mobile # 01001733140 for registration or for further details.

Tutor: Prof. Ashraf Fawzy Nabhan

Venue: Training and Education Enhancement Center, Ain Shams University Hospitals

Dates: The 10 days camp will be conducted over 5 weeks (see Agenda)


Module 1: Fundamentals of clinical research: 2 days (Thu 26 December and Sat 28 December)

  1. Conceiving the Research Question and Hypotheses
  2. The variables and Measurements
  3. Choosing the Study participants: Specification and Sampling
  4. Estimating Sample Size: Applications and Examples
  5. Data Management (Designing CRF, Questionnaires, and Surveys)

Module 2: Study Designs: 2 days (Thu 2 January and Sat 4 January)

  1. Observational Studies
  2. Clinical Trials
  3. Studies of Medical Tests
  4. Research Using Existing Data
  5. Quality improvement studies

Module assessment: Develop a Study Protocol

Module 3: Data Analysis: 2 days (Thu 9 January and Sat 11 January)

  1. Principles of data analysis
  2. Procedures of data analysis: Descriptive, Exploratory, Inferential

Module assessment: Develop a Statistical analysis plan

Module 4: Systematic reviews and meta-analysis: 2 days (Thu 16 January and Sat 18 January)

  1. Healthcare interventions
  2. Diagnostic test accuracy

Module 5: Publication academy 1 day Thu 23 January

  1. Where to publish research
  2. How to avoid predatory journals
  3. The editor’s guide to writing the manuscript
  4. Tips and tricks to avoid rejection

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