Systematic Reviews of Interventions, February 2014

This course takes a step-by-step approach to the tasks and methods involved in conducting a Cochrane review to answer a question about the effects of a health-related intervention.  The course will be of most benefit to someone planning to do a Cochrane review in the near future; but should also be useful to anyone who … Continue reading Systematic Reviews of Interventions, February 2014


Cochrane Standard Author Training, 2013

This course (workshop) aims at capacity building. It provides authors with  the basic skills to conduct a Cochrane Review. Topics include protocols, setting your question, literature searching, study selection, assessing bias, data and analysis, formulating conclusions, and a session with the Review Manager software. Venue: Training & Education Enhancement Center, Ain Shams University Hospitals Date: 4-5 December 2013 Mentor … Continue reading Cochrane Standard Author Training, 2013

Summary of Findings table

The purpose of Cochrane Reviews is to facilitate healthcare decision-making by patients and the general public, clinicians, administrators, and policy makers. In particular, the following issues can help people make better informed decisions and increase the usability of Cochrane Reviews. Information on all important outcomes, including adverse outcomes. The quality of the evidence for each … Continue reading Summary of Findings table

Best Knowledge for Best Practice

Venue: Training & Education Enhancement Center, Ain Shams University Hospitals Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 9:00 to 15:00 Registration: Free Open Invitation Registration form: Please complete and submit the registration form here to allow us to prepare your personal scientific material and arrange for your coffee break during the workshops on Wednesday, 5 December 2012. Submitting the … Continue reading Best Knowledge for Best Practice

Individual Patient Meta-Analysis

Workshop Title: Individual Patient Meta-Analysis Workshop moderator: Ashraf Fawzy Nabhan Workshop format: Quiz game Venue: Fairmont Hotel Date: Thursday May 31, 2012 - at 3:30 pm Background In all systematic reviews, the evidence being brought together for a particular intervention needs to be as free from bias and as reliable as possible. This is why most reviews of … Continue reading Individual Patient Meta-Analysis

An Introduction to meta-analysis

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are critical for evidence-based clinical and public health practice. The widespread and growing application of systematic reviews to synthesize evidence on key research and clinical questions makes it useful for health professionals to be able to understand and critique this research design.  This workshop will provide a detailed description of the systematic … Continue reading An Introduction to meta-analysis

Risk of Bias workshop

Venue: Egyptian Medical Syndicate (Dar El-Hekma), Downtown, Cairo Date and Time: Friday January 27, 2012. At 2:00 pm Tutor: A F Nabhan Overview A bias is a systematic error, or deviation from the truth, in results or inferences. Biases can operate in either direction: different biases can lead to underestimation or overestimation of the true … Continue reading Risk of Bias workshop


GuiDe (Guideline Development) is our HERU new project.  To achieve a balanced view when formulating recommendations a multidisciplinary panel with broad representation including clinicians, pharmacists,  patient representatives and experienced guideline developers will be assembled and proper group processes for reaching consensus on recommendations will be followed.