Clinical Trials Workshop, 17

Title: Clinical Trials

Chair: Prof. Ashraf Nabhan

  • Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ain Shams University
  • Director of the Egyptian Center for Evidence Based Medicine
  • Co-chair of the HRP Alliance for Strengthening Research Capacity, WHO
  • Associate Editor of Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth

Co-Chair: Dr. Marwah Anas El Wegoud

  • Deputy Director of the Egyptian Center for Evidence Based Medicine
  • Author and Referee at Cochrane Oral Health Group

Educational aim

The main educational aim of these programs is to offer a challenging, flexible scheme of study invigorated by research, which advances clinicians’ ability to develop academic and practical insights into the use of clinical trials. Clinicians will be encouraged to develop a range of transferable and subject specific expertise using their initiative and thinking out problems themselves. Specifically, the programs aim to:

  1. develop knowledge and understanding of the key decisions surrounding the design, delivery and assessment of clinical trials;
  2. encourage independent critical and evaluative skills that can be used to apply independent scientific judgment;
  3. teach clinicians how to apply the conceptual and practical tools needed to initiate clinical trials.

The learning outcomes of the programs are as follows:
Knowledge, understanding, intellectual and cognitive Clinicians will be able to:

  1. understand clinical trial methodology including design, delivery and assessment;
  2. demonstrate basic skills in handling clinical trial data;
  3. develop detailed protocols for clinical trials;
  4. evaluate critically a completed trial;
  5. conduct further analysis of trials data and comment on results;
  6. produce a well-structured and well-written report.

Transferable skills Clinicians will be able to:

  1. use creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills in a range of situations;
  2. have a capacity to handle ideas and scrutinize information in critical, evaluative and analytical ways.

We delivered the workshop for Ophthalmologists on two dates

Date: Friday August 11, 2017

Attendees: The Egyptian Vitreo-Retinal Society.  FULLY subscribed

Venue: Marriott, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.

Date: Friday July 28, 2017

Attendees: The workshop has been Fully Subscribed.

Venue: Watany Eye Hospital, Cairo, Egypt.

Supporter: Novartis Research Academy in collaboration with The Egyptian Center for Evidence Based Medicine


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