How to publish research


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How do you know where to start? Who can help you? What are journal editors looking for? How long will it take and are you really ready to publish?

These fundamental questions (and more!) are asked by millions of researchers each year so join us and take the training to make sure you know the secrets of success.

Furthermore, learning how not to write an article is as important as learning how to write it. We shall highlight tips of what to avoid when writing your article. Many of these “tips to avoid” may appear obvious but are pitfalls that even the most seasoned of authors can fall into.

Agenda and Learning Objectives

To be able to

  1. Write a high quality manuscript
  2. Identify and avoid all types of unoriginal text
  3. Create and assemble the principal sections of the manuscript
  4. Identify and avoid predatory and pseudo-journals
  5. Respond to referees’ comments and Editors’ Decisions
  6. Identify and report fabricated or fraudulent research: 3 ways to blow the whistle

Date: Completed successfully

Venue: Training and Education Enhancement Center, Ain Shams University Hospitals.



4 thoughts on “How to publish research

  1. Dearest Prof. Ashraf Nabhan ,
    Salam Aleikom
    Eid Mubarak to you and all your distinguished team.
    I have a query please;
    Do you schedule any of your education and training sessions in Alexandria or any other governorate? Because I understand from the Center’s title ‘Egyptian ‘ rather ‘Cairo’ that your scope of functions is throughout the country not only in Cairo. Please correct me if I am not right.
    I believe another alternative, that would be maybe more feasible than running sessions in several cities that may need more resources than what exist, is organizing and conducting online courses in collaboration with one or more of the MOOC platforms like Coursera, Future learn, Udacity, Harvard edX, ….etc. or any other online platform.

    Looking forward to your feedback

    Dr. Yasser S. Amer


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